Major League Baseball will come to Iowa next year

The Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees are scheduled to play an official Major League Baseball game in a temporary 8,000-seat stadium in Dyersville, Iowa on August 13, 2020, next to the property where the classic movie Field of Dreams was filmed.



Golf Tip

Avoiding 3-Putts

Most people practice putting in reverse.They get to the practice green and work on holing out, but the majority of putts they face are from outside 30ft. One of the ways to hole out better is to become a better lag putter.

Health Tips

Want to win this cold and flu season? Wash your hands more often. This simple act reduces your exposure to disease-causing germs and can help prevent their spread to others.


Keep a food diary. Most people don't realize how much they really consume in a day. If you write it down, the amount you eat may surprise you.

Brain Teaser

1) I build bridges of silver and crowns of gold. Who am I?


2) There are three playing cards in a row. There is a two to the right of a king. There is a diamond to the left of a spade. There is an ace to the left of a heart. There is a heart to the left of a spade. Identify the three cards.


3) There is a common 9-letter word in the English language, such that if you keep removing its letters one by one, the resulting 8 words are still valid. What is this word?  Hint:  The removed letters do not need to be from the beginning or the end of the word.


4) Use exactly two threes (3) and two eights (8) to get the number 24. You can use multiplication (×), division (÷), addition (+), subtraction (-) signs, and brackets. You can not use any advanced arithmetic operations, such as exponential, factorial, etc.


5) You use a knife to slice my head,And weep beside me when I’m dead.What am I?

1. A Dentist, 2.The cards are an Ace of Diamonds, a King of Hearts, and a Two of Spades. , 3. The word is STARTLING -> STARTING -> STARING -> STRING -> STING -> SING -> SIN -> IN -> I., 4. 8 ÷ (3 – 8 ÷ 3) = 24, 5. An onion