Brightening the Winter

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing, a form of mild depression linked to changing seasons. To lessen the possibility that it comes through your front door, you

may want to take a few interior decorating or interior design



Strategize to bring more light into your home with overhead

lighting, lamps, and mirrors. Balancing the level of light in a

room can make it feel larger. Dedicating certain areas of your

home, condo, or apartment to things you love can help make

your residence an inviting place to come home to. Decluttering

more utilitarian areas or rooms can also help. Curvy lines in

your furnishings and décor may make a room seem less cold or austere. Speaking of austerity, stark white rooms can promote just that, so slightly warmer colors are better if you are thinking about repainting a room or redoing the core color in its design palette. This is also a good time to clean windows – a dirty window not only fights incoming sunshine, but it also casts a dingy pall on your view of the outside world. Finally, ask your doctor about Vitamin D supplements, if you like, or eat in a way that enables you to consume more Vitamin D in your daily diet.

Image by Joel Henry