Retirement Benefits Council offers educational workshops and one-on-one retirement  planning guidance.

This is just a short list of information we provide:

  • Options for Safeguarding Your Investments During Uncertain Economic Times

  • Increasing Future Income Through Tax Blending 

  • Investment Optimization Options

  • Lowering Your Taxes in Retirement

  • Creating a realistic retirement budget

  • Establishing Retirement Goals

  • Traditional vs Roth IRA - Do you know the difference?

  • Finding a budget that works

  • No Tax - DROP Transfers to safety

  • DROP Paperwork Navigation

  • Options Available When Exiting DROP

  • FRS Pension options

  • Knowing when you should begin taking withdrawals - 403(b) or 457(b)

  • Social Security and Medicare Updates

  • Health Insurance Subsidy Credit Bencor (educational employees) options

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