12 Reasons Why FRS Members Get A Failing Grade On Their Retirement Planning


 1. Failure to notify Human Resources when they intend to retire


 2. Failure to assess whether the DROP program is good for you or not


 3. Failure to have a simple retirement budget


 4. Failure to evaluate the four FRS Pension Plan payment options


 5. Failure to apply for the Health Insurance Subsidy


 6. Failure to evaluate when to start Social Security benefits


 7. Failure to understand all your options when joining Medicare


 8. Failure to understand the core differences between the FRS Pension Plan      and Investment Plan


 9. Failure to calculate health insurance costs before joining Medicare


10. Failure to understand the tax consequences of moving DROP and

       deferred comp accounts


11. Failure to anticipate increases in tax rates, and its effect on your

      retirement income


12. Failure to seek advice and guidance from qualified financial advisors to

       navigate the retirement process correctly and efficiently



Schedule a phone appointment with a qualified RBC member who specializes in FRS

    retirement planning.     

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